13 December 2017

Фитнес-модель набрала во время беременности 21 килограмм и хочет нам кое-что сказать

Австралийская фитнес-модель Эмили Скай до беременности публиковала типичные для фанатки ЗОЖ посты в инстаграме: комплексы упражнений, рельефы тела, отчеты с тренировок и ссылки на планы занятий для ее последователей. Но во время вынашивания ребенка жизнь Эмили сильно изменилась.

Как она рассказала изданию news.com.au, она планировала продолжать заниматься на протяжении всей беременности, но у ее тела были другие планы. В первом триместре у Cкай был дикий токсикоз, и она убегала с тренировки, едва сдерживая рвотные позывы.

По мере роста живота усугубилась и ранее беспокоившая ее боль в спине, а также произошло воспаление седалищного нерва. Короче говоря, на регулярные тренировки Эмили пришлось забить.

I just weighed myself out of curiosity! ? — I’ve gained 21kg!!! ⚖️? . My pregnancy hasn’t really gone to plan as far as my fitness is concerned. — I thought I’d be able to keep up with my exercise until the end of my pregnancy but that did NOT happen haha! ?? Due to a long term back problem (I’ve spoken about before) & sciatica I haven’t been able to exercise for the past 2 months as I was just too uncomfortable & it was starting to make my back & sciatica worse. I made the choice to listen to my body & stop. It’s only short term inactivity & there’s always time to get my fitness back later. . I really admire other pregnant ladies who exercise throughout their pregnancy, they’re awesome & I am slightly envious haha! ? But for me it just hasn’t been possible & it doesn’t worry me at all! . I get messages from ladies everyday upset about the weight & cellulite they’ve gained while pregnant & I just want you ladies to know that gaining weight while pregnant is NORMAL — some people only gain a little and some gain a lot but it’s all “normal” — as long as your Doc doesn’t have any concerns of course! ? . I am so blessed to be able to carry my little girl & I’m so excited to meet her within the next few weeks! Nothing can take away the happiness I have right now & I’m healthy & so is my baby girl & that’s all that matters. I don’t care about the fat I’ve gained, the swelling & cellulite etc. These things are not important to me. I have such an overwhelming appreciation for my body & the human it’s growing. ??? . Life is far from perfect & doesn’t always go to plan & that’s why I think it’s so important to focus on the good things in your life. Practice gratitude for all that you have & don’t waste time feeling crappy about the things you don’t have. Comparing yourself to anyone else is also not a good idea because we’re all different. . I refuse to beat myself up. I refuse to compare myself to others & I refuse to let these physical changes that some might see as “flaws” take away my happiness & neither should any of you. . ? Sending love your way! You’re bloody amazing, don’t you forget that! ?? . . ?? #37weekspregnant . .
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В конце ноября она опубликовала в инстаграме свое фото в полный рост, на которым мы видим не только большой живот, но и округлившиеся бедра и целлюлит. По признанию модели, к 38 неделе она понабрала 21 килограмм. Однако ей не кажется, что это какая-то беда.

«Я не хочу себя гнобить, изводить и переживать. Целлюлит, отеки и жир ничего не значат. Я испытываю безумную благодарность к своему телу и ребенку, которого оно вынашивает. Жизнь несовершенна и довольно часто идет не так, как мы планировали, поэтому так важно сосредотачиваться на положительных вещах. <…> Вы все охренительные, не забывайте!» — написала она.

It's easy to get caught up in life & spend your days being serious all the time. It gets monotonous, boring & before we know it we've lost our spark for life. Here are some simple things that might help you feel happier: . 1. Give someone a compliment — it can be as simple as telling someone they look pretty, you like their top, or drawing attention to their positive attitude — it has the ability to make someone smile & literally make their day. In turn you'll feel amazing — try it, it works & it’s free! ? . 2. Focus on the positives in your life & the things you already have & appreciate them. What you focus your energy on is usually what you get more of & if you don’t appreciate what you already have then how do you expect to have anything more in life? How you think affects how you feel & if you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts or focusing on the things you don’t have then chances are you’ll feel unhappy & have a sense of emptiness inside. . 3. Watch a funny movie or have some jokes with friends – Laughter is the best medicine. We take life so seriously & sometimes we just need to have a good laugh. It’s amazing how much better you feel! . 4. Cut yourself some slack – Look at all the things you have achieved in life & be proud of yourself. If you never feel proud then what’s the point? How do you expect to continue if you don’t ever tell yourself “you did a good job”? . 5. Live in the moment – Take your day one step at a time. Focus on the task you are doing & just do it. Do not be somewhere else thinking of a million other things you could be doing. Just be in the ‘now’. If you’re walking down the road to work, notice the trees, flowers, other people, the birds & the fresh air — it will make you feel a lot more relaxed & in the moment. If you’re having coffee with your partner or a friend put your phone away & give them your undivided attention. Human connection & interaction is amazing & so healthy for us. So many of us don’t spend enough time doing it because we’re so caught up with work, on our phones & computers all the time. The real connection & the real “living in the moment” is all that is around us — people, nature, & animals. .
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Ее послание набрало более 92 тысяч лайков. И это говорит не только о том, что у Скай преданные фанаты, но и о том, что такие посты очень важно читать самым обычным женщинам, переживающим самые обычные беременности. Им очень важно знать, что набор веса, растяжки, отеки и прочие спутники процесса вынашивая ребенка сопровождают женщин, вне зависимости от их образа жизни, известности и социального статуса.

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